Our Mission

To help give you the pain relief you deserve, and guide you to a life free from pain.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Rob Deltombe

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Deltombe is dedicated to providing gentle, high quality chiropractic care and personal attention to his patients. His goal is to provide fast and effective relief while eliminating any future re-occurrences.

To use the best available scientific evidence to guide and enhance the body’s ability  to heal itself by restoring motion, reducing inflammation and correcting muscle imbalances. Dr. Deltombe integrates multiple approaches and techniques in order to tailor his treatment to each patients individual needs.

Tristan Lindberg

Massage Therapist

Tristan is a June 2020 graduate from the 2200-Hour Massage Therapy Program at Grant Macewan University.

Tristan enjoys working collaboratively with clients and tailoring each treatment to meet the desired goals set by each individual. He uses a variety of techniques including swedish massage, myofascial release, therapeutic deep tissue, prenatal/ postnatal and others to work towards relieving client symptoms and restoring a sense of normality and relief to the body. 

When he is not in the clinic Tristan enjoys hiking, biking, and taking his dogs for walks or playing fetch. 


Massage Therapist

Rachel is a May 2017 graduate of the 3000-hour massage therapy diploma program at MaKami College.

Rachel adapts her treatment for what works best for clients. She incorporates deep tissue and advanced neuromuscular techniques (trigger points, origin/insertion, myofascial release, etc.). She is also enjoys working with motor vehicle accident clients and prenatal/postnatal moms.

Rachel is keen on meeting new clients and creating a treatment plan for what will best benefit their needs and treatment goals.


Massage Therapist

Kieran graduated in February of 2016 from MaKami Colleges 3000 hour course.

Being a long time Irish, Jazz and Lyrical dancer she understands the frustrations of injuries and the recovery that follows. Kieran focus is getting her clients feeling better, quicker. She provides therapeutic deep tissue massage, and can really put the pressure on!

When she isn’t helping her clients or on the dance floor, Kieran enjoys hiking outdoors, and volunteering with Scouts Canada.